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“I am extremely grateful for what your claims team has done for me, without your help and advice I would never have done anything regarding my SIPPS Pension, I would never have thought the outcome would be as it was. I would definitely recommend your company – Miss M

“I’d like to thank all the staff. Thanks to you all I can now see a future when I retire. I was very anxious and lot of stress has been lifted. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you all and I am more than satisfied with the outcome” – Mr. L

“I can’t fault your services it has been a complete pleasure dealing with yourselves. I thought I’d lost all my pension money and I can’t thank you enough, not only for winning my pension claim but for showing me I can now relax into retirement.” – Mr P

Are you searching for compensation for bad pension advice? Looking for help with a mis sol Sipp Pension? We have a pension claims team who are highly experienced in claiming compensation for bad pension advice.

Compensation for bad pension advice

Every day we deal with people who believe they can claim compensation for bad pension advice. Our expert Sipp mis sold pension claims team deal with people from all over the United Kingdom in helping them claim compensation for bad pension advice. It is no secret that in the last 20 odd years people from all over the UK were poorly advised when it came to switching their pension into Sipp Pension Schemes. Unfortunately there were many unscrupulous financial advisors and financial companies who’s sole reason behind selling pensions was for personal gain and greed. Everyone can get bad financial advice however some of these financial advisors and companies were ruthless and deserve everything that is coming to them.

If you are looking for a trusted company with many years experience in claiming compensation for bad pension advice you can rely on us to fight your corner right from the very start. With the experience we have we can tell you very quickly if you have been mis sold a pension or indeed a high risk investment. Put your trust in us we are so confident in our pension claims team we offer a no win no fee solution to your miss sold pension claim.

Compensation for bad pension advice

Compensation for bad pension advice – get the help you deserve now!

We have made things very easy for people who feel they have reason to believe they have genuine reasons for help with compensation for bad pension advice.If you’ve got any questions regarding this or you’d like to know more about making a sipp pension claim, please call out team now on 0161 850 9069 or if you can’t call now fill out the contact us form you can see in this page.