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Pension Claims Advice

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Our No Win No Fee Service ensures we Resolve you Pension Claim Quickly. Call our Head Office in Manchester on 0161 850 9069.

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Pension Claims Advice

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Our pension claims solicitors are experts in all mis-sold pension claims and are dedicated in helping UK residents claim back the pension compensation that they could be owed and that they deserve. Our friendly solicitors are a team of experienced pension claims advisers and have an in-depth knowledge of the pension claim industry with a full understanding of the of the rules, legal impementations and regulations. We have a team of claims solicitors who specialise in mis-sold SIPP Pension and mis – sold High Risk Investments and mis – sold Pension Transfers.


Pension Claims – were you mis-sold a pension?


Our Pension Claims Consultants only deal with pension and investment misselling, we have specialist experience in handling pension claims and financial claims. Our expert solicitors misselling team will treat all pension claims with understanding and treat our customers with the respect they deserve. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and that you are making the right choice in trusting us with your investment claim.


Mis-Sold Pension Claims – How Much Can I Claim in Compansation?


There are many reasons you may have a case for being mis-sold a pension.

* You may have been offered a free Pension Review and advised to transfer your investment?

* You may have been sold an investment without properly being advised of the risks or fully understanding how it works?

* You may have been advised to transfer your Pension and now believe or know you have suffered a loss?

* It may have been that the Investment was not suitable to your personal circumstances and/or attitude to risk

In the UK, very recently, regulators have noted a dramatic rise in the number of complaints against many different companies all over the UK. But how do you know if you are one of the thousands of UK victims of mis-sold pensions?

Each case is different which is why we would suggest you get in touch NOW and find out!

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We are here to help you claim back any mis-sold pension compensation you may be entitled to.

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