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Need pensions misselling legal advice in the UK? If you feel that you may have a legal claim against your pension provider or against a person who may have given you financial advice regarding your pension plan in the UK, then you may need to consult with a solicitor regarding pensions misselling legal advice.  Of course, it is also equally important to take immediate action so that your claim does not prescribe and that the pension provider or the financial advisor cannot claim inaction on your part.

Pensions misselling legal advice – The First Step

Therefore, one of the best pieces of pensions misselling legal advice that we can give you is to get in contact with your scheme provider as soon as possible or with the financial advisor who gave you the inappropriate financial advice that led you into making a poor decision. You need to make a written complaint against this person as soon as possible.

How To Make A Complaint

When you are seeking Pensions pensions misselling legal advice, perhaps one of the foremost questions on your mind would be: how do I make a complaint? Fortunately, we are here to help. It is actually not that complicated. First of all, put your thoughts into writing and direct the letter to your provider. Make sure that you include all the pertinent facts about your pension and how you have been disadvantaged.

Suffering Actual Damage/Loss Is Not Necessary

There is this huge misconception regarding pensions misselling that in order for a complaint to prosper regarding this particular cause of action that actual damage/loss on the part of the client is required. The reality is that suffering actual damage/loss is not necessary. If the complaint is against the trustees or managers of an occupational pension scheme, then you need to resort to the internal dispute resolution procedure of the said occupational scheme.

What If My Complaint Is Not Given Due Course?

There is always a danger that your company or financial advisor will just choose to ignore your complaint or that it will not be given due course for any number of reasons. The company might even claim that you do not have sufficient evidence to substantiate your claims. This is when you should really go to a solicitor for some professional pensions misselling legal advice. However, do rest assured that you still have some administrative remedies to resort to.

pensions misselling legal advice

What Is My Resort?

Your resort is to complain to the ombudsman. Preferably, you should do this after seeking professional pensions misselling legal advice from a solicitor. Do take note that state pensions will not be entertained by the ombudsman however.  Only complaints relating to occupational and personal pension schemes will be entertained.

What Is Bad Financial Advice?

Bad financial advice does not require you to have suffered actual loss/damage. This is something that you need to understand clearly. It is enough that you were given financial advice that was lacking in information and that this misinformation led you to purchase a financial product that was inappropriate for you. A layman’s example is buying a new PC in order to play a particular game and relying on the sales person’s advice – only to discover that the PC does not meet even the minimum requirements to play the game.

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