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SIPP Pension Claims – Can You Make a SIPPs Compensation Claim?


Sometime in the past, you may have been told by a financial adviser, organisation or pension transfer company to move your retirement savings into a (SIPP) Self-invested Personal Pension, if this was indeed the case we need to hear from you as soon as possible as you may have been missold a pension – we can help you reclaim money that you may be owed as a result of the mis-selling of a SIPPs pension.

Our SIPPS pension misselling solicitors team are dedicated in helping UK residents claim back money they could be owed from a mis-sold SIPP.


Pension Claims – Can You Make a SIPPs Pension Compensation Claim?


SIPPS are a kind of personal pension that allows you to hold multiple investments and products, these are normally excellent products infact a very good idea if done properly. Having a SIPPs pension should allow you to manage and control your pension fund by yourself, and have more control over where your money is going and where it is invested.

When they were introduced by the UK Government SIPPs were created to allow for a much wider range of investment choices. Unfortunately, many people received bad advice or was persuaded to transfer their hard earned pension funds into a SIPP invested in high risk unregulated investments. These were more suited to experienced investors and were not suitable for the general public. These types of high risk investments are really only suitable for sophisticated and experienced investors who have high net worth.

An unsuitable SIPP invested in unregulated investments would have seen some savers lose large amounts of money. Luckily we have a specialist pension claims team of solicitors who can help you in making a SIPP pension claim. We always fight to ensure that our clients get the very best representation, receive the very best advice and get the very best compensation that they deserve.

If you decide to you make your claim with us, our expert claims solicitors will collect the evidence, investigate why it was mis-sold and put forward your case.

If you believe you have been mis-sold your SIPP pension or any other investment, contact our team of solicitors today to find out more about how we can help you!

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We have had great success in helping people all over the UK claim against products such as;

Carbon Credits | Ethical Forestry | Elysian Fuels | Freedom Bay | Green Oil Plantations | Global Forestry | Harlequin Property | InvestUS | Los Pandos | Park First | Rimondi Grande | Salina Seas | SCS Farmland | Store First Storage Pods | The Resort Group Overseas Property | Tailormade Investment | Walsall Burial Plots.

Some of the companies we have been succesul in claiming SIPPs pensions are

The Pensions Office Limited | Total Wealth Solutions | Turnberry Wealth Management | 1 Stop Financial Services | Alderley Asset Management Limited | Archer Bramley | Archer Wealth Management | Bank House Investment Management | Blue Infinitas Limited | Chadkirk Wealth Management | Designed 4 Life Ltd | Douglas Baillie | Financial Page LTD | Grainger & Co | Greyfriars Asset Management LLP | Grosvenor Butterworth Limited | Henderson Carter | Kingsbridge Asset Management | Kynaston Carnoustie | MFS Partnership | Moneywise Financial Advisers Ltd | Pengwern Wealth Management LLP | Sovereign Financial Services.

If you have had any dealings with any of the companies above or have been mis-sold a SIPP pension product that is listed above we reall need to hear from you. Get in touch Today!