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The Pensions Office Limited – Sipp Pension Misselling

Starting our blogs on Sipp Mis-sold pension advisors we are going to give info on over 20 sipp mis-sold pension advisory companies

The Pensions Office Limited, were a company based in Sheffield who have since lost its’ FCA authorisation back in 2015 and was declared in default with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – any claims against them for negligent advice will be dealt with by the FSCS.

There has been an increase in pension transfers in recent years, with people moving out of work place pension schemes into SIPPS, often on the advice of a financial adviser. This can be a good move for some people, providing the investments recommended are suitable and match their attitude to risk.

We have seen some cases where an adviser working for this company has placed clients in High Risk, Unregulated schemes such as storage pods, overseas property, diamonds etc. Most clients we have had success with in claiming back pension compensation weren’t made aware that you they could lose most if not all of there investment.

If you are one of the people who might be concerned about the advice you may have received from The Pensions Office Limited then you can pursue a claim for compensation.

We know of a few companies who operate on a no win no fee basis, however we offer a no win no fee with us only taking 15% + VAT or 18% all together, providing you don’t cancel our service after the 14-day cooling off period. Contact us today by filling in the form and we will be in touch shortly, or if you can call us direct today!

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